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# This is an attempt to automatically build patched RPM specs
# More or less broken, better use *.spec.patch for now (and copy src/qemu_driver.c to SOURCES/qemu-vitastor.c)
# Build packages for CentOS 8 inside a container
# cd ..; podman build -t qemu-el8 -v `pwd`/packages:/root/packages -f rpm/qemu-el8.Dockerfile .
FROM centos:8
RUN rm -f /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Media.repo
RUN dnf -y install centos-release-advanced-virtualization epel-release dnf-plugins-core rpm-build
RUN rm -rf /var/lib/dnf/*; dnf download --disablerepo='*' --enablerepo='centos-advanced-virtualization-source' --source qemu-kvm
RUN rpm --nomd5 -i qemu*.src.rpm
RUN cd ~/rpmbuild/SPECS && dnf builddep -y --enablerepo=PowerTools --spec qemu-kvm.spec
ADD patches/qemu-*-vitastor.patch /root/vitastor/patches/
RUN set -e; \
mkdir -p /root/packages/qemu-el8; \
rm -rf /root/packages/qemu-el8/*; \
rpm --nomd5 -i /root/qemu*.src.rpm; \
cd ~/rpmbuild/SPECS; \
PN=$(grep ^Patch qemu-kvm.spec | tail -n1 | perl -pe 's/Patch(\d+).*/$1/'); \
csplit qemu-kvm.spec "/^Patch$PN/"; \
cat xx00 > qemu-kvm.spec; \
head -n 1 xx01 >> qemu-kvm.spec; \
echo "Patch$((PN+1)): qemu-4.2-vitastor.patch" >> qemu-kvm.spec; \
tail -n +2 xx01 >> qemu-kvm.spec; \
perl -i -pe 's/(^Release:\s*\d+)/$1.vitastor/' qemu-kvm.spec; \
cp /root/vitastor/patches/qemu-4.2-vitastor.patch ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES; \
rpmbuild --nocheck -ba qemu-kvm.spec; \
cp ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/*/*qemu* /root/packages/qemu-el8/; \
cp ~/rpmbuild/SRPMS/*qemu* /root/packages/qemu-el8/