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@ -277,7 +277,10 @@ Vitastor with single-thread NBD on the same hardware:
- Install Linux kernel 5.4 or newer for io_uring support.
- Install liburing 0.4 or newer and its headers.
- Install lp_solve.
- Install etcd.
- Install etcd. Attention: you need a fixed version from here:,
branch release-3.4, because there is a bug in upstream etcd which makes Vitastor OSDs fail to
move PGs out of "starting" state if you have at least around ~500 PGs or so. The custom build
will be unnecessary when etcd merges the fix:
- Install node.js 12 or newer.
- Install gcc and g++ 9.x or later.
- Clone with submodules.
@ -306,11 +309,11 @@ and calculate disk offsets almost by hand. This will be fixed in near future.
with lazy fsync, but prepare for inferior single-thread latency.
- Get a fast network (at least 10 Gbit/s).
- Disable CPU powersaving: `cpupower idle-set -D 0 && cpupower frequency-set -g performance`.
- Install etcd with `--max-txn-ops=100000 --auto-compaction-retention=10 --auto-compaction-mode=revision` options.
- Start etcd with `--max-txn-ops=100000 --auto-compaction-retention=10 --auto-compaction-mode=revision` options.
- Create global configuration in etcd: `etcdctl put /vitastor/config/global '{"immediate_commit":"all"}'`
(if all your drives have capacitors).
- Create pool configuration in etcd: `etcdctl put /vitastor/config/pools '{"1":{"name":"testpool","scheme":"replicated","pg_size":2,"pg_minsize":1,"pg_count":256,"failure_domain":"host"}}'`.
- Calculate offsets for your drives with `node ./mon/simple-offsets.js /dev/sdX`.
- Calculate offsets for your drives with `node ./mon/simple-offsets.js --device /dev/sdX`.
- Make systemd units for your OSDs. Look at `./mon/` for example.
Notable configuration variables from the example:
- `disable_data_fsync 1` - only safe with server-grade drives with capacitors.