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Vitaliy Filippov 32614c5bc8 Add a test for the last change ("split-brain avoidance", lol) 2021-11-13 22:39:17 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov aa436027c8 Report pg/history from OSD on every degraded activation
Required to prevent data loss due to activation of an OSD with older data
when PG OSD set change doesn't occur. I.e. fixes the simplest case:
- Run 2 OSDs with 1 PG
- Start writing into the PG
- Stop OSD 2
- Stop OSD 1
- Start OSD 2

After this change the PG will refuse to start after the last step.
2021-11-13 22:39:17 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov cfe8de9b84 Autosync based on number of unstable ops to prevent journal stalls 2021-10-30 14:26:48 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov d5efbbb6b9 Rename commands and add CLI help 2021-09-26 13:14:36 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 065dfef683 Rename vitastor-cmd to vitastor-cli 2021-09-26 00:52:05 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov fc3a1e076a Fix minor bugs in snapshot removal, check it in tests 2021-09-25 19:30:29 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov acf637950c Implement layer merge
A new command merges multiple snapshot/clone layers into one of them,
so merged layers can be deleted after this procedure
2021-07-31 00:23:30 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov a02b02eb04 Use new listing methods in rm_inode 2021-07-20 00:19:34 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 3de553ecd7 Add a test for CAS write operation 2021-06-15 00:12:35 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 9c45d43e74 Extract common 3 OSD code from several test scripts 2021-06-15 00:12:35 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 818ae5d61d Some config parsing fixes 2021-05-01 00:20:01 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 0af077701c Fix a possible crash during SYNC when journal fsyncs are enabled 2021-04-15 02:01:50 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov cac976ce25 Fix a memory leak in the chained read implementation 2021-04-15 01:42:18 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 8c9f32cd45 Add run_vm test bash scripts 2021-04-13 16:21:21 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 966fb763ca Oooops, fix chained reads 2021-04-13 16:19:21 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 2612d3198a Introduce image names and metadata storage in etcd
Each inode has: image name, parent inode number & pool, size and readonly flag

Snapshots are created by switching image name to a different inode number
while using the older inode as parent.
2021-04-10 17:44:12 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov d0c2e31312 Add a test for snapshots, fix bugs. Now the test passes 2021-04-10 17:44:12 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov d99407dcec Check QEMU during the test 2021-04-10 17:44:12 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 40b7c21fb1 Followup to 307c1731c1 - fix mark_stable 2021-04-08 15:47:18 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov efb3678606 Fix qemu-img broken in 0.5.11
Caused by the lack of reenterability of the main cluster_client function
2021-04-08 14:59:20 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 05db1308aa Fix two potential read/write ordering problems (even though not yet seen in tests)
- Write operations could be 'stabilized' and previous versions could be
  purged from OSDs before the removal of version_override and following
  reads could potentially hit different version in EC pools
- Object was marked clean after completing the delete during recovery, so
  reads could in theory hit a deleted version and return nothing
2021-03-24 14:20:56 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov fe1749c427 Fix the multiple_interrupted_rebalance test 2021-03-13 17:19:45 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov dd76eda5e5 Test multiple interrupted rebalancings
Currently only passes with immediate_commit=all configuration
(env variable IMMEDIATE_COMMIT=1 for the bash script)
2021-03-12 12:55:44 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 2e0c853180 Make test_change_pg_count check if any objects are lost during the test 2021-03-08 23:15:07 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 73ce20e246 Add a test for the "reappear after move" case 2021-03-08 17:04:10 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 97795ea1b1 Use pg_minsize=2 in the pg_count change test
Also don't check for has_degraded because it's not a bug that objects
are _temporarily_ listed as degraded during PG peering as it's not
required for the new primary to connect to _all_ older peers to start
peering. The test may be improved in the future by temporarily disabling
degraded recovery during it and returning the has_degraded check back.
2021-03-01 16:18:08 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 24e7075f08 Fix monitor's statistics aggregation 2021-02-28 19:51:16 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 7d49706c07 Improve the pg_count change test: add more OSDs and actually move data between them 2021-02-28 19:36:59 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 12adfa470c Add a test for changing PG size 2021-02-25 23:59:33 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 69c87009e9 Add a test for changing PG count 2021-02-25 23:59:33 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 91a70dfb1b Add a test for the no_same_sector_overwrites mode 2021-02-25 23:59:33 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov bf9a175efc Move C/C++ sources to src subdirectory 2021-02-25 23:59:03 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 08aed962de Use CMake 2021-02-25 23:58:08 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 16da663a66 Add another test for failure domains 2021-02-25 23:55:33 +03:00