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Upstream-Name: vitastor
Upstream-Contact: Vitaliy Filippov <>
Files: *
Copyright: 2019+ Vitaliy Filippov <>
License: Multiple licenses VNPL-1.1 and/or GPL-2.0+
All server-side code (OSD, Monitor and so on) is licensed under the terms of
Vitastor Network Public License 1.1 (VNPL 1.1), a copyleft license based on
GNU GPLv3.0 with the additional "Network Interaction" clause which requires
opensourcing all programs directly or indirectly interacting with Vitastor
through a computer network and expressly designed to be used in conjunction
with it ("Proxy Programs"). Proxy Programs may be made public not only under
the terms of the same license, but also under the terms of any GPL-Compatible
Free Software License, as listed by the Free Software Foundation.
This is a stricter copyleft license than the Affero GPL.
Client libraries (cluster_client and so on) are dual-licensed under the same
VNPL 1.1 and also GNU GPL 2.0 or later to allow for compatibility with GPLed
software like QEMU and fio.