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#include "osd.h"
void osd_t::exec_primary(osd_op_t *cur_op)
// read: read directly or read paired stripe(s), reconstruct, return
// write: read paired stripe(s), modify, write
// nuance: take care to read the same version from paired stripes!
// if there are no write requests in progress we're good (stripes must be in sync)
// and... remember the last readable version during a write request
// and... postpone other write requests to the same stripe until the completion of previous ones
// sync: sync peers, get unstable versions from somewhere, stabilize them
void osd_t::make_primary_reply(osd_op_t *op)
op->reply.hdr.magic = SECONDARY_OSD_REPLY_MAGIC;
op-> = op->;
op->reply.hdr.opcode = op->op.hdr.opcode;