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Vitaliy Filippov cb282d25e0 Release 0.6.5
- Basic support for OpenStack: Cinder driver, patches for Nova and libvirt
- Add missing "image" and "config_path" QEMU options
- Calculate aggregate per-pool statistics in monitor
- Implement writes with Check-And-Set semantics
- Add a C wrapper library with public header
2 years ago
.. Release 0.6.5 2 years ago
qemu-el8.Dockerfile Move patches to patches/ 2 years ago
qemu-kvm-el7.spec.patch For reference: include a spec patch for building QEMU 4.2 or CentOS 7 3 years ago
qemu-kvm.spec.patch Build with jerasure, split some build scripts 3 years ago
vitastor-el7.Dockerfile Release 0.6.5 2 years ago
vitastor-el7.spec Release 0.6.5 2 years ago
vitastor-el8.Dockerfile Release 0.6.5 2 years ago
vitastor-el8.spec Release 0.6.5 2 years ago