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@ -235,6 +235,33 @@ type MkDirOp struct {
Entry ChildInodeEntry
// Create a file inode as a child of an existing directory inode. The kernel
// sends this in response to a mknod(2) call. It may also send it in special
// cases such as an NFS export (cf. It is more typical
// to see CreateFileOp, which is received for an open(2) that creates a file.
// The Linux kernel appears to verify the name doesn't already exist (mknod
// calls sys_mknodat calls user_path_create calls filename_create, which
// verifies: But osxfuse may not guarantee this, as with
// mkdir(2). And if names may be created outside of the kernel's control, it
// doesn't matter what the kernel does anyway.
// Therefore the file system should return EEXIST if the name already exists.
type MkNodeOp struct {
// The ID of parent directory inode within which to create the child.
Parent InodeID
// The name of the child to create, and the mode with which to create it.
Name string
Mode os.FileMode
// Set by the file system: information about the inode that was created.
// The lookup count for the inode is implicitly incremented. See notes on
// ForgetInodeOp for more information.
Entry ChildInodeEntry
// Create a file inode and open it.
// The kernel sends this when the user asks to open a file with the O_CREAT