Made the RootInodeID constant untyped.

Aaron Jacobs 2015-03-02 14:30:39 +11:00
parent f26fdfc80c
commit a0a0963c49
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@ -4,6 +4,7 @@
package fuse
import (
@ -121,7 +122,26 @@ type InodeID uint64
// are minted by the file system, the FUSE VFS layer may send a request for
// this ID without the file system ever having referenced it in a previous
// response.
const RootInodeID InodeID = InodeID(bazilfuse.RootID)
const RootInodeID = 1
func init() {
// Make sure the constant above is correct. We do this at runtime rather than
// defining the constant in terms of bazilfuse.RootID for two reasons:
// 1. Users can more clearly see that the root ID is low and can therefore
// be used as e.g. an array index, with space reserved up to the root.
// 2. The constant can be untyped and can therefore more easily be used as
// an array index.
if RootInodeID != bazilfuse.RootID {
"Oops, RootInodeID is wrong: %v vs. %v",
// Attributes for a file or directory inode. Corresponds to struct inode (cf.