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@ -24,5 +24,8 @@ The chief improvements and/or differences from the packages are:
The very large disadvantage over using the packages is that many
features have not yet been exposed.
Make sure to see the sub-packages of the [samples][] package.

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// * The fuseops package, which defines the operations that fuse might send
// to your userspace daemon.
// * Mount, a function that allows for mounting a file system.
// * The Server interface, which a type in your daemon must implement.
// * Mount, a function that allows for mounting a Server as a file system.
// Make sure to see the examples in the sub-packages of samples/, which double
// as tests for this package:
// In order to use this package to mount file systems on OS X, the system must
// have FUSE for OS X installed (see Do note that