Killed the Op interface.

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@ -22,36 +22,8 @@ import (
// A common interface implemented by all ops in this package. Use a type switch
// to find particular concrete types, responding with fuse.ENOSYS if a type is
// not supported.
type Op interface {
// A short description of the op, to be used in logging.
ShortDesc() string
// A long description of the op, to be used in debug logging.
DebugString() string
// A context that can be used for long-running operations.
Context() context.Context
// Repond to the operation with the supplied error. If there is no error, set
// any necessary output fields and then call Respond(nil). The user must not
// call with a nil error for unrecognized ops; instead, use ENOSYS.
// Once this is invoked, the user must exclude any further calls to any
// method of this op.
// Log information tied to this operation, with semantics equivalent to
// log.Printf, except that the format is different and logging is suppressed
// if no debug logger was set when mounting.
Logf(format string, v ...interface{})
// Inodes