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Avi c62d7682a6
Add more debugging logs to the mounting process so we get more visibility for customer issues (#130) 2022-09-06 08:54:02 +02:00
Ben Linsay 21122235c7
allow passing open /dev/fuse file descriptors (#124)
allows passing open /dev/fuse file descriptors so that the FUSE process
can run fully unprivileged. uses the /dev/fd/N mountpoint format from
2022-05-31 22:22:54 +02:00
Vitaliy Filippov c75d3f26fc
Use newer mounting method (similar to fusermount) with macfuse 4.x (#106)
macfuse 4.x turns out to be incompatible with the old mounting method where
you open the device by yourself and only supports the newer method where you
receive a file descriptor from `mount_macfuse` through a unix socket.

Co-authored-by: Vitaliy Filippov <>
2021-10-19 18:50:09 +02:00
Michael Stapelberg ae5da07e4c
remove naked returns across the code base (#75)
fixes #73
2020-01-28 10:10:08 +01:00
Arran Walker 5ee7049312 replace imports of "" with "context" 2018-02-07 19:18:23 +00:00
Aaron Jacobs dc1be2d5b8 Update documentation for Go style. 2017-01-03 10:47:18 +11:00
Aaron Jacobs f40a24c8d5 Pay attention to DisableWritebackCaching. 2015-08-12 02:32:39 +00:00
Aaron Jacobs 3574e9aa49 Make sure the mount point exists up front. 2015-08-11 10:55:43 +10:00
Aaron Jacobs 21ac1b6da5 Moved Mount into its own file. 2015-08-11 10:54:52 +10:00