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Aaron Jacobs becaff5a8c Made the existing open call directory-specific.
Also some other touchup changes and notes for the future.
2015-02-27 09:42:36 +11:00
Aaron Jacobs 139cb4e968 Use the name bazilfuse. 2015-02-27 09:32:18 +11:00
Aaron Jacobs 90ef75da6f Renamed package fuseutil -> fuse. 2015-02-27 08:57:18 +11:00
Aaron Jacobs 915afb6308 Imported without modification from
At commit 90c8d87fe8701d2335671eb01cbc1d70f655c87f.

I'm splitting this out because it's large and more generally useful.
2015-02-27 08:54:16 +11:00