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// +build linux windows
package fusekernel
import "time"
type Attr struct {
Ino uint64
Size uint64
Blocks uint64
Atime uint64
Mtime uint64
Ctime uint64
AtimeNsec uint32
MtimeNsec uint32
CtimeNsec uint32
Mode uint32
Nlink uint32
Uid uint32
Gid uint32
Rdev uint32
Blksize uint32
padding uint32
func (a *Attr) Crtime() time.Time {
return time.Time{}
func (a *Attr) SetCrtime(s uint64, ns uint32) {
// Ignored on Linux.
func (a *Attr) SetFlags(f uint32) {
// Ignored on Linux.
type SetattrIn struct {
func (in *SetattrIn) BkupTime() time.Time {
return time.Time{}
func (in *SetattrIn) Chgtime() time.Time {
return time.Time{}
func (in *SetattrIn) Flags() uint32 {
return 0
func openFlags(flags uint32) OpenFlags {
// on amd64, the 32-bit O_LARGEFILE flag is always seen;
// on i386, the flag probably depends on the app
// requesting, but in any case should be utterly
// uninteresting to us here; our kernel protocol messages
// are not directly related to the client app's kernel
flags &^= 0x8000
return OpenFlags(flags)
type GetxattrIn struct {
type SetxattrIn struct {