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// Copyright 2015 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
package fuseutil
import (
// An interface with a method for each op type in the fuseops package. This can
// be used in conjunction with NewFileSystemServer to avoid writing a "dispatch
// loop" that switches on op types, instead receiving typed method calls
// directly.
// The FileSystem implementation should not call Connection.Reply, instead
// returning the error with which the caller should respond.
// See NotImplementedFileSystem for a convenient way to embed default
// implementations for methods you don't care about.
type FileSystem interface {
StatFS(context.Context, *fuseops.StatFSOp) error
LookUpInode(context.Context, *fuseops.LookUpInodeOp) error
GetInodeAttributes(context.Context, *fuseops.GetInodeAttributesOp) error
SetInodeAttributes(context.Context, *fuseops.SetInodeAttributesOp) error
ForgetInode(context.Context, *fuseops.ForgetInodeOp) error
MkDir(context.Context, *fuseops.MkDirOp) error
CreateFile(context.Context, *fuseops.CreateFileOp) error
CreateSymlink(context.Context, *fuseops.CreateSymlinkOp) error
Rename(context.Context, *fuseops.RenameOp) error
RmDir(context.Context, *fuseops.RmDirOp) error
Unlink(context.Context, *fuseops.UnlinkOp) error
OpenDir(context.Context, *fuseops.OpenDirOp) error
ReadDir(context.Context, *fuseops.ReadDirOp) error
ReleaseDirHandle(context.Context, *fuseops.ReleaseDirHandleOp) error
OpenFile(context.Context, *fuseops.OpenFileOp) error
ReadFile(context.Context, *fuseops.ReadFileOp) error
WriteFile(context.Context, *fuseops.WriteFileOp) error
SyncFile(context.Context, *fuseops.SyncFileOp) error
FlushFile(context.Context, *fuseops.FlushFileOp) error
ReleaseFileHandle(context.Context, *fuseops.ReleaseFileHandleOp) error
ReadSymlink(context.Context, *fuseops.ReadSymlinkOp) error
// Regard all inodes (including the root inode) as having their lookup counts
// decremented to zero, and clean up any resources associated with the file
// system. No further calls to the file system will be made.
// Create a fuse.Server that handles ops by calling the associated FileSystem
// method.Respond with the resulting error. Unsupported ops are responded to
// directly with ENOSYS.
// Each call to a FileSystem method is made on its own goroutine, and is free
// to block.
// (It is safe to naively process ops concurrently because the kernel
// guarantees to serialize operations that the user expects to happen in order,
// cf. http://goo.gl/jnkHPO, fuse-devel thread "Fuse guarantees on concurrent
// requests").
func NewFileSystemServer(fs FileSystem) fuse.Server {
return &fileSystemServer{
fs: fs,
type fileSystemServer struct {
fs FileSystem
opsInFlight sync.WaitGroup
func (s *fileSystemServer) ServeOps(c *fuse.Connection) {
// When we are done, we clean up by waiting for all in-flight ops then
// destroying the file system.
defer func() {
for {
ctx, op, err := c.ReadOp()
if err == io.EOF {
if err != nil {
go s.handleOp(c, ctx, op)
func (s *fileSystemServer) handleOp(
c *fuse.Connection,
ctx context.Context,
op interface{}) {
defer s.opsInFlight.Done()
// Dispatch to the appropriate method.
var err error
switch typed := op.(type) {
err = fuse.ENOSYS
case *fuseops.StatFSOp:
err = s.fs.StatFS(ctx, typed)
case *fuseops.LookUpInodeOp:
err = s.fs.LookUpInode(ctx, typed)
case *fuseops.GetInodeAttributesOp:
err = s.fs.GetInodeAttributes(ctx, typed)
case *fuseops.SetInodeAttributesOp:
err = s.fs.SetInodeAttributes(ctx, typed)
case *fuseops.ForgetInodeOp:
err = s.fs.ForgetInode(ctx, typed)
case *fuseops.MkDirOp:
err = s.fs.MkDir(ctx, typed)
case *fuseops.CreateFileOp:
err = s.fs.CreateFile(ctx, typed)
case *fuseops.CreateSymlinkOp:
err = s.fs.CreateSymlink(ctx, typed)
case *fuseops.RenameOp:
err = s.fs.Rename(ctx, typed)
case *fuseops.RmDirOp:
err = s.fs.RmDir(ctx, typed)
case *fuseops.UnlinkOp:
err = s.fs.Unlink(ctx, typed)
case *fuseops.OpenDirOp:
err = s.fs.OpenDir(ctx, typed)
case *fuseops.ReadDirOp:
err = s.fs.ReadDir(ctx, typed)
case *fuseops.ReleaseDirHandleOp:
err = s.fs.ReleaseDirHandle(ctx, typed)
case *fuseops.OpenFileOp:
err = s.fs.OpenFile(ctx, typed)
case *fuseops.ReadFileOp:
err = s.fs.ReadFile(ctx, typed)
case *fuseops.WriteFileOp:
err = s.fs.WriteFile(ctx, typed)
case *fuseops.SyncFileOp:
err = s.fs.SyncFile(ctx, typed)
case *fuseops.FlushFileOp:
err = s.fs.FlushFile(ctx, typed)
case *fuseops.ReleaseFileHandleOp:
err = s.fs.ReleaseFileHandle(ctx, typed)
case *fuseops.ReadSymlinkOp:
err = s.fs.ReadSymlink(ctx, typed)
c.Reply(ctx, err)