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Adam Carlucci 580fd44b5f Use CXX_STANDARD to specify c++11 compile flags 7 years ago
Bruno Coelho 3704671508 Add option to disable unit tests 7 years ago
Chris Kitching 05b5514400
Don't assume in-tree builds when installing json11.pc 7 years ago
Nick White 8076ba74e0 Generate pkg-config File & Add Install
...to the CMake build script. The pkg-config file needs a version number (which
it takes from the CMakeLists.txt variable), which I've set to 1.0.0. The cmake
project declaration needs to be after the minimum-requirement declaration to
avoid errors from the cmake's change in VERSION semantics.
7 years ago
kirisetsz 5e664c99d8 Update CMakeLists to 3.x style 7 years ago
Paul C Roberts 0c6e9d77a4 Add cmake support
This uses cmake to allow building as a static library and to build the tests

To use `cmake`

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
-- Build files have been written to: ~/json11/build
$ make
Scanning dependencies of target json11
[ 20%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/json11.dir/json11.cpp.o
[ 40%] Linking CXX static library libjson11.a
[ 40%] Built target json11
Scanning dependencies of target json11_test
[ 60%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/json11_test.dir/json11.cpp.o
[ 80%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/json11_test.dir/test.cpp.o
[100%] Linking CXX executable json11_test
[100%] Built target json11_test
$ make test
running tests...
Test project /Users/paul/dev/json11/build
    Start 1: json11_test
    1/1 Test #1: json11_test ......................   Passed    0.00 sec

    100% tests passed, 0 tests failed out of 1

    Total Test time (real) =   0.01 sec
8 years ago