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# HPC IO Benchmark Repository [![Build Status](](
2017-10-23 23:40:59 +03:00
This repo now contains both IOR and mdtest.
See also NOTES.txt
# Building
2012-01-09 01:23:54 +04:00
0. If "configure" is missing from the top level directory, you
probably retrieved this code directly from the repository.
Run "./bootstrap".
If your versions of the autotools are not new enough to run
this script, download and official tarball in which the
configure script is already provided.
1. Run "./configure"
See "./configure --help" for configuration options.
2. Run "make"
3. Optionally, run "make install". The installation prefix
can be changed as an option to the "configure" script.
# Testing
Run "make check" to invoke the unit test framework of Automake.
* To run basic functionality tests that we use for continuous integration, see ./testing/
* There are docker scripts provided to test various distributions at once.
* See ./testing/docker/