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@ -78,6 +78,6 @@ Examples that should work include:
Running mdtest, the user needs to specify a directory with -d where the test
tree will be created. Some examples:
- "mdtest -a DFS -n 100 -F -D -d /bla --daos.pool <pool_uuid> --daos.svcl <svc_ranks> --daos.cont <co_uuid>"
- "mdtest -a DFS -n 1000 -F -C -d /bla --daos.pool <pool_uuid> --daos.svcl <svc_ranks> --daos.cont <co_uuid>"
- "mdtest -a DFS -I 10 -z 5 -b 2 -L -d /bla --daos.pool <pool_uuid> --daos.svcl <svc_ranks> --daos.cont <co_uuid>"
- "mdtest -a DFS -n 100 -F -D -d /bla --dfs.pool <pool_uuid> --dfs.svcl <svc_ranks> --dfs.cont <co_uuid>"
- "mdtest -a DFS -n 1000 -F -C -d /bla --dfs.pool <pool_uuid> --dfs.svcl <svc_ranks> --dfs.cont <co_uuid>"
- "mdtest -a DFS -I 10 -z 5 -b 2 -L -d /bla --dfs.pool <pool_uuid> --dfs.svcl <svc_ranks> --dfs.cont <co_uuid>"