update NEWS for 3.3 release

Glenn K. Lockwood 2 years ago
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@ -8,16 +8,19 @@ New minor features:
Version 3.3.0+dev
Version 3.3.0
New major features:
- Add CephFS AIORI (Mark Nelson)
- Add Gfarm AIORI (Osamu Tatebe)
- Add DAOS AIORI (Mohamad Chaarawi)
- Add DAOS DFS AIORI (Mohamad Chaarawi)
- -B option has been replaced with --posix.odirect
New minor features:
- Display outlier host names (Jean-Yves Vet)
- Enable global default dir layout for subdirs in Lustre (Petros Koutoupis)
- Removed pound signs (#) from mdtest output file names (Julian Kunkel)
@ -30,6 +33,7 @@ New minor features:
- Add support for sync to AIORIs (Julian Kunkel)
General user improvements and bug fixes:
- Allocate aligned buffers to support DirectIO for BeeGFS (Sven Breuner)
- Added IOPS and latency results to json output (Robert LeBlanc)
- Fixed case where numTasks is not evenly divisible by tasksPerNode (J. Schwartz)
@ -40,14 +44,16 @@ General user improvements and bug fixes:
- Make write verification work without read test (Jean-Yves Vet)
- Documentation updates (Vaclav Hapla, Glenn Lockwood)
- Add more debugging support (J. Schwartz)
General developer improvements:
- Fix type casting errors (Vaclav Hapla)
- Add basic test infrastructure (Julian Kunkel, Glenn Lockwood)
- Conform to strict C99 (Glenn Lockwood)
Known issues:
- S3 AIORI may not compile with new versions of aws4c
- S3 and HDFS backends may not compile with new versions of respective libraries
Version 3.2.1