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The DAOS library must be installed on the system.
./configure --prefix=iorInstallDir --with-daos=DIR
The DFS (DAOS File System) driver creates an encapsulated namespace and emulates
the POSIX driver using the DFS API directly on top of DAOS. The DFS driver works
with both IOR and mdtest.
ior -a DFS [ior_options] [dfs_options]
mdtest -a DFS [mdtest_options] [dfs_options]
Required Options:
--dfs.pool <pool_uuid>: pool uuid to connect to (has to be created beforehand)
--dfs.svcl <pool_svcl>: pool svcl list (: separated)
--dfs.cont <co_uuid>: container uuid that will hold the encapsulated namespace
Optional Options: <group_name>: group name of servers with the pool (default: daos_server)
--dfs.chunk_size <chunk_size>: Chunk size of the files (default: 1MiB)
--dfs.destroy: flag to destroy the container on finalize (default: no)
--dfs.oclass <object_class>: specific object class for files (default: SX)
--dfs.dir_oclass <object_class>: specific object class for directories (default: SX)
--dfs.prefix <path>: absolute path to account for DFS files/dirs before the cont root
If prefix is not set, in the IOR options, the file name should be specified on
the root dir directly since ior does not create directories and the DFS
container representing the encapsulated namespace is not the same as the system
namespace the user is executing from.
Examples that should work include:
- "ior -a DFS -w -W -o /test1 --dfs.pool <pool_uuid> --dfs.svcl <svc_ranks> --dfs.cont <co_uuid>"
- "ior -a DFS -w -W -r -R -o /test2 -b 1g -t 4m -C --dfs.pool <pool_uuid> --dfs.svcl <svc_ranks> --dfs.cont <co_uuid>"
- "ior -a DFS -w -r -o /test3 -b 8g -t 1m -C --dfs.pool <pool_uuid> --dfs.svcl <svc_ranks> --dfs.cont <co_uuid>"
Running mdtest, the user needs to specify a directory with -d where the test
tree will be created (set '/' if writing to the root of the DFS container). Some
- "mdtest -a DFS -n 100 -F -D -d / --dfs.pool <pool_uuid> --dfs.svcl <svc_ranks> --dfs.cont <co_uuid>"
- "mdtest -a DFS -n 1000 -F -C -d / --dfs.pool <pool_uuid> --dfs.svcl <svc_ranks> --dfs.cont <co_uuid>"
- "mdtest -a DFS -I 10 -z 5 -b 2 -L -d / --dfs.pool <pool_uuid> --dfs.svcl <svc_ranks> --dfs.cont <co_uuid>"