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Morgan Roderick 7431cbf229 convenient => confident
Minor correction to language use in
2013-08-15 12:05:41 +02:00
Jan Minar 320608662d Reword for better English 2013-05-19 18:16:09 -07:00
Ariya Hidayat 9af1f09f58 Change issue tracker link to point to the new one.
From now on, it's

For the details, check this mailing-list discussion:
2013-03-16 09:19:25 -07:00
Ariya Hidayat 0d63e9c0a8 Contribution guide: highlight various aspects of communication.
2012-09-18 18:23:19 -07:00
Ariya Hidayat 2c4e95ad3e Use GitHub contributing guide feature.
2012-09-17 23:37:18 -07:00