Stefan Reiter 263fef5b4c update keycodemapdb for 6.0
QEMU 6.0 requires the updated version to build correctly, as the
keymap-gen tool gained some new parameters.

Signed-off-by: Stefan Reiter <s.reiter@proxmox.com>
2021-05-28 11:29:44 +02:00
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This directory contains the raw data for mapping between different
keyboard codes. Naming if often based on the US keyboard layout, but
does not indicate the symbol actually generated by the key.

The columns currently in this data set are:


Name and value of the hardware independent keycodes used by the linux
kernel and exposed through the input subsystem.

References: linux/input.h


Low level key codes as exposed by Mac OS X/macOS.

References: Carbon/HIToolbox/Events.h

PC scan code sets

Scan codes for the three orignal PC keyboard generations:

 Set 1: XT
 Set 2: AT
 Set 3: PS/2

The sets include codes for modern keys as well and not just the keys
present on those original keyboards.

References: linux/drivers/input/keyboard/atkbd.c


Codes as specified by the HID profile in USB.

References: linux/drivers/hid/usbhid/usbkbd.c

Windows Virtual-key codes

The low level, hardware independent "VKEYs" exposed by Windows.

References: mingw32/winuser.h


X11 keycodes generated by the XWin server. Based on the XT scan code

References: xorg-server/hw/xwin/{winkeybd.c,winkeynames.h}

Xfree86 KBD XT

X11 keycodes generated by the Xfree86 keyboard drivers. Based on the XT
scan code set.

References: xf86-input-keyboard/src/at_scancode.c

X11 keysyms

Corresponding X11 keysym value(s) for a US keyboard layout.

WARNING: These columns represent symbols, not physical keys, and should
         be used with extreme care.

References: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/proto/x11proto/plain/keysymdef.h

HTML KeyboardEvent.code

Key codes seen in the KeyboardEvent.code attribute as part of the
UI Events specification.

References: https://www.w3.org/TR/uievents-code/

XKEYBOARD key names

Hardware independent key names as used in the XKEYBOARD extension.

References: /usr/share/X11/xkb/keycodes/