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Test / buildenv (push) Successful in 12s Details
Test / build (push) Successful in 2m42s Details
Test / test_cas (push) Successful in 12s Details
Test / make_test (push) Successful in 36s Details
Test / test_change_pg_count (push) Successful in 38s Details
Test / test_change_pg_size (push) Successful in 10s Details
Test / test_change_pg_count_ec (push) Successful in 33s Details
Test / test_create_nomaxid (push) Successful in 9s Details
Test / test_interrupted_rebalance_imm (push) Successful in 1m26s Details
Test / test_add_osd (push) Successful in 2m44s Details
Test / test_interrupted_rebalance_ec (push) Successful in 1m24s Details
Test / test_failure_domain (push) Successful in 10s Details
Test / test_interrupted_rebalance_ec_imm (push) Successful in 1m23s Details
Test / test_snapshot (push) Successful in 21s Details
Test / test_minsize_1 (push) Successful in 15s Details
Test / test_snapshot_ec (push) Successful in 22s Details
Test / test_rm (push) Successful in 14s Details
Test / test_move_reappear (push) Successful in 20s Details
Test / test_etcd_fail (push) Successful in 5m19s Details
Test / test_snapshot_chain (push) Successful in 1m26s Details
Test / test_snapshot_down (push) Successful in 26s Details
Test / test_snapshot_down_ec (push) Successful in 28s Details
Test / test_splitbrain (push) Successful in 19s Details
Test / test_snapshot_chain_ec (push) Failing after 3m8s Details
Test / test_interrupted_rebalance (push) Successful in 7m44s Details
Test / test_rebalance_verify_imm (push) Successful in 3m11s Details
Test / test_switch_primary (push) Successful in 34s Details
Test / test_write (push) Successful in 34s Details
Test / test_rebalance_verify_ec_imm (push) Successful in 2m41s Details
Test / test_rebalance_verify_ec (push) Successful in 3m18s Details
Test / test_write_no_same (push) Successful in 22s Details
Test / test_write_xor (push) Successful in 1m41s Details
Test / test_heal_pg_size_2 (push) Failing after 3m54s Details
Test / test_rebalance_verify (push) Successful in 9m38s Details
Test / test_heal_csum_32k_dmj (push) Successful in 4m4s Details
Test / test_heal_csum_32k_dj (push) Successful in 4m23s Details
Test / test_heal_csum_32k (push) Successful in 5m24s Details
Test / test_heal_ec (push) Failing after 10m18s Details
Test / test_heal_csum_4k_dmj (push) Successful in 5m31s Details
Test / test_scrub (push) Successful in 1m18s Details
Test / test_scrub_zero_osd_2 (push) Successful in 1m0s Details
Test / test_scrub_xor (push) Successful in 51s Details
Test / test_heal_csum_4k_dj (push) Successful in 5m10s Details
Test / test_scrub_pg_size_6_pg_minsize_4_osd_count_6_ec (push) Successful in 48s Details
Test / test_scrub_pg_size_3 (push) Successful in 1m59s Details
Test / test_scrub_ec (push) Successful in 48s Details
Test / test_heal_csum_4k (push) Successful in 4m39s Details

Vitaliy Filippov 2024-02-04 01:17:43 +03:00
parent 77c10fd1f8
commit e026de95d5
1 changed files with 3 additions and 1 deletions

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@ -8,7 +8,9 @@ PartOf=vitastor.target
ExecStart=bash -c 'exec vitastor-disk exec-osd /dev/vitastor/osd%i-data >>/var/log/vitastor/osd%i.log 2>&1'
# Use the following for direct logs to files
#ExecStart=bash -c 'exec vitastor-disk exec-osd /dev/vitastor/osd%i-data >>/var/log/vitastor/osd%i.log 2>&1'
ExecStart=vitastor-disk exec-osd /dev/vitastor/osd%i-data
ExecStartPre=+vitastor-disk pre-exec /dev/vitastor/osd%i-data