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20 Commits (959089b919e0195c427785f9f1a14d8a1f434e80)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Vitaliy Filippov 15dba96375 Implement inode removal tool. Removes multiple objects from multiple OSDs in parallel 2020-10-10 01:08:19 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov aa2a0ee00f Do not group adjacent stripes by default as it's pointless on SSDs 2020-10-02 10:17:54 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 9f2a948712 Make pg_stripe_size a per-pool config 2020-10-01 18:51:49 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 0471b09b9c Add license notices to all source code files 2020-09-17 23:07:06 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 73e26dbbea Add up_wait_retry_interval to config and fix it so it actually works 2020-09-05 22:05:21 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 44973e7f27 Fix replicated pool bugs 2020-09-05 21:45:04 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 4cdad634b5 Add pool support to the cluster client 2020-09-03 00:52:41 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 9b33f598d3 Fix two more cluster client bugs
1) Sync could delete an unfinished write due to the lack of ordering (fixed by introducing syncing_writes)
2) Writes could be postponed indefinitely due to bad resuming of operations after a sync
2020-06-27 02:13:35 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 592bcd3699 Fix QEMU driver bugs (QEMU and qemu-img now work! hooray!) 2020-06-26 18:25:43 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov d68370304e Support iovecs in cluster_client_t 2020-06-24 01:31:48 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 8736b3ad32 Add destructors, make ringloop optional in cluster_client_t 2020-06-23 20:10:33 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 27ee14a4e6 Fix bugs in cluster_client 2020-06-16 00:08:45 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 64afec03ec In theory, implement syncs and replay for the non-immediate commit mode 2020-06-15 00:04:16 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 437dc5b630 Implement a FIO engine for testing cluster I/O 2020-06-07 00:30:15 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 2187d06eac Add a parameter to pass the initial config to client 2020-06-07 00:10:12 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov c573bc6bb3 (Probably almost) implement cluster client 2020-06-07 00:09:36 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 2f6cf605a1 Rename cluster_client to osd_messenger 2020-06-04 12:57:54 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 45b1c2fbf1 Fix canceling of write operations on PG re-peer (which led to use-after-free, too...) 2020-06-01 16:18:14 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 5feff1ffb9 Slightly cleanup socket send/receive code 2020-05-31 15:03:27 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 0aca6e9ca8 Extract peer connect and read-write loop into a separate file (to be shared with the client library) 2020-05-26 22:11:30 +03:00