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1027 Commits (acf403e886703daec3d0e210de3ac687100f63ff)

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Vitaliy Filippov acf403e886 Add install target for NFS proxy 2022-05-10 10:43:17 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov cf03b9c84d Implement "primary affinity tags" 2022-05-09 22:37:23 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 7c2379d458 Simplified NFS proxy based on own NFS/XDR implementation 2022-05-07 01:01:20 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov a2189100dd Make CLI functions usable in library form
Return results and errors in a variable instead of just printing them,
separate vitastor-cli main() from cli_tool_t, move positional argument
parsing to CLI main from command implementations.
2022-05-06 02:18:32 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov bb84379db6 Release 0.6.17
- Fix incorrect reading of extra metadata block leading to extra unknown objects in stats
- Fix CSI driver volumeMode: Block support
- Add block PVC and pod examples
- Fix build under 32 bit architectures
- Fix slow connection ramp-up caused by up_wait_retry_interval
2022-05-06 02:18:01 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 714dda8151 Fix slow connection ramp-up caused by up_wait_retry_interval pausing operations on first connection attempt 2022-05-06 02:12:08 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 834554c523 fio in tests fails when vitastor is built with ASan 2022-05-05 02:11:34 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov e718116f54 Fix incorrect reading of extra metadata block 2022-04-21 02:52:21 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 98e3528a14 Add block PVC and pod examples 2022-04-17 15:43:37 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 8e88f77101 Fix CSI driver volumeMode: Block support 2022-04-17 15:39:11 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov caa2cc2e6c Fix 32bit build error 2022-04-16 01:48:24 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 842ba8b831 Use (uint64_t)1 instead of 1l / 1ul 2022-04-16 01:48:14 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 1493823f9e Note about starting monitors 2022-04-12 15:00:28 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov c857272f44 Comment: epoch is uint64_t 2022-04-10 12:21:37 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 340a4b4f27 Release 0.6.16
- Implement `vitastor-cli status` (print cluster status) command
- Add a new `make-osd-hybrid.js` script to quickly prepare a lot of hybrid (HDD+SSD) OSDs
- Implement snapshot deletion for Cinder driver (only works in a healthy cluster)
- Fix a huge :) bug causing reads to return all zeroes during rebalance. Add a test to prevent it in the future
- Disconnect NBD proxy correctly without leaving a zombie [vitastor-nbd] process in D state
- Fix a rare write hang appearing with small write throttling enabled
2022-04-09 01:16:52 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 5118980315 Add a script to run all tests 2022-04-09 01:14:00 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov d71cc174e3 Implement CLI status command 2022-04-09 00:25:51 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 0eb929f1ba Fix change_pg_count test (statistic reporting may take some time) 2022-04-08 11:58:53 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 83146fa3e2 Fix the same HUGE bug for regular reads during rebalance 2022-04-08 11:50:09 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 15dcaf7903 Add the same "rebalance" test with regular reads 2022-04-08 11:48:31 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov cd18ef7323 Disconnect NBD proxy correctly without leaving a zombie [vitastor-nbd] process in D state 2022-04-07 16:03:35 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 39531ef1a6 Fix incorrect chained reads during rebalance (the bug detected by 2022-04-07 15:56:58 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov d334914948 Fix the test so it actually fails indicating a bug :-) 2022-04-07 15:56:26 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov c373425562 Fix nbd log 2022-04-07 15:55:38 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 3615e57879 Register standby monitors in etcd in /mon/member 2022-04-04 00:48:52 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 0edc6fe5a6 Add notes about the new script 2022-04-03 13:04:34 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 9c30df83e3 Fix a HUGE :) bug in NBD proxy
The bug could result in corrupted data on large writes
2022-04-03 10:42:06 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov a420c77107 Add rebalance-verify test 2022-04-03 10:42:06 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 4100d829c7 Allow to override log file for daemonized NBD proxy 2022-04-03 02:41:04 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 79ebda933e Fix a write hang with throttling due to timer reenterability / triggerability 2022-03-28 01:42:06 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 65d08e067e Add a script for preparing hybrid (HDD+SSD) OSDs 2022-03-28 01:11:26 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov d289753df4 Implement snapshot deletion for Cinder driver 2022-03-08 11:41:29 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 85298ddae2 Release 0.6.15
- Make peering much faster in medium to large clusters
- Fix a reenterability issue which could rarely lead to peering process hangs
2022-03-06 19:16:34 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov e23296a327 Rename cli_rm -> cli_rm_data, cli_snap_rm -> cli_rm 2022-02-24 14:34:14 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 839ec9e6e0 Shard clean_db by PGs to speedup listings 2022-02-20 00:21:24 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 7cbfdff41a Replace some throws with force_stop 2022-02-20 00:21:19 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 951272f27f Try to process PG one after another 2022-02-19 19:25:55 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov a3fb1d4c98 Fix reenterability around set_timer 2022-02-19 18:28:12 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 88402e6eb6 Move next_request to run_cb_and_clear 2022-02-19 16:59:03 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 390239c51b Don't terminate HTTP requests with timeouts if response is already available in the socket 2022-02-19 13:37:12 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov b7b2adfa32 Fix http client not continuing requests in case of failure to connect 2022-02-19 13:36:26 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 36c276358b Attempt to fix "head-of-line blocking" by LIST operations 2022-02-18 01:31:45 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 117d6f0612 Release 0.6.14
- Fix IPv6 address parsing
- Fix "cannot read bytes of undefined" in the monitor on a fresh DB
- Fix possible hangs of read requests on OSD restarts without immediate_commit=all mode
- Fix OSDs skipping misplaced recovery in some cases
- Fix OSDs possibly dying with "map::at" errors when other OSDs are stopped
- Fix division by zero in ls if all pool OSDs are down
2022-02-17 14:43:44 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 7d79c58095 Use the larger sockaddr_storage structure 2022-02-12 11:22:56 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 46d2bc100f Add some tolerance to stat calculation so it does not fail on a fresh DB 2022-02-11 16:37:16 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 732e2804e9 Fix operation dependency counter underflow for reads without immediate_commit=all mode 2022-02-11 10:54:11 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov abaec2008c Fix OSDs missing misplaced recovery 2022-02-11 01:00:24 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 8129d238a4 Different fio versions have different types for xfer_buflen, but Vitastor anyway does not support 128-bit offsets 2022-02-10 01:21:04 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 61ebed144a Fix OSDs possibly dying with "map::at" errors when other OSDs are stopped 2022-02-09 10:35:29 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 9d3ba113aa Extract bind socket code into a utility function 2022-02-06 00:39:52 +03:00