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Vitaliy Filippov eeaba11ebd Use fio 3.27-8 for alma9 2023-05-21 14:48:26 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 5a9e1ede52 Release 0.8.9
Test / buildenv (push) Successful in 9s Details
Test / build (push) Successful in 2m31s Details
Test / test_cas (push) Successful in 12s Details
Test / make_test (push) Successful in 33s Details
Test / test_change_pg_size (push) Successful in 19s Details
Test / test_change_pg_count (push) Successful in 55s Details
Test / test_create_nomaxid (push) Successful in 21s Details
Test / test_change_pg_count_ec (push) Successful in 58s Details
Test / test_failure_domain (push) Successful in 13s Details
Test / test_etcd_fail (push) Successful in 1m4s Details
Test / test_interrupted_rebalance (push) Successful in 1m13s Details
Test / test_interrupted_rebalance_imm (push) Successful in 1m7s Details
Test / test_add_osd (push) Successful in 2m59s Details
Test / test_move_reappear (push) Successful in 24s Details
Test / test_interrupted_rebalance_ec (push) Successful in 1m22s Details
Test / test_interrupted_rebalance_ec_imm (push) Successful in 1m1s Details
Test / test_rebalance_verify (push) Successful in 2m12s Details
Test / test_minsize_1 (push) Successful in 15s Details
Test / test_rebalance_verify_imm (push) Successful in 2m4s Details
Test / test_rebalance_verify_ec_imm (push) Successful in 2m9s Details
Test / test_rm (push) Successful in 17s Details
Test / test_snapshot (push) Successful in 23s Details
Test / test_rebalance_verify_ec (push) Successful in 2m31s Details
Test / test_splitbrain (push) Successful in 23s Details
Test / test_snapshot_ec (push) Successful in 30s Details
Test / test_write_no_same (push) Successful in 16s Details
Test / test_write (push) Successful in 53s Details
Test / test_write_xor (push) Successful in 1m19s Details
Test / test_heal_pg_size_2 (push) Successful in 4m30s Details
Test / test_heal_ec (push) Successful in 4m32s Details
- The tests are now stable and run in a CI system based on Gitea CI
- The release includes final bug fixes for EC:
  - Implement missing EC recovery of allocation bitmap when built with ISA-L
  - Fix broken snapshot export with EC (allocation bitmap reads were giving incorrect results previously)
- Also fixed bugs manifesting under heavy load:
  - Fix monitor possibly applying incorrect PG history on retries
  - Fix monitor incorrectly changing PG count when last_clean_pgs contains less PGs than the new number
  - Allow writes to wait for free space again, but now correctly (previously dropped in 0.8.2)
  - Fix a rare segfault in client (handle client stop during incoming stream handling in 1 more place)
  - Make monitor correctly handle etcd connection errors - it could die instead of connecting to another etcd
  - Fix OSD rarely being unable to report PG states after a PG was taken over by another OSD
- Fixed return code for incomplete EC objects (now EIO) and made cluster client retry this error
- Made other small changes for tests: timeouts, nice/ionice for etcd, waiting conditions, NBD device checks and so on
2023-05-14 01:25:09 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov ab615849d6 Release 0.8.8
- Fix vitastor-cli rm/rm-data broken in 0.8.6 (missing messenger initialization)
- Prepare OSD read handler for upcoming version with scrub - allow "secondary reads" to return errors
- Fix OSDs re-peering PGs infinitely with a big number of PGs (reproduced in test_add_osd)
- Fix another variant of flusher sync-waiting stall (reproduced in test_write)
- Fix other tests in tests/ (will add them to Gitea CI soon)
- Add patches for QEMU 6.2-8.0
- Fix QEMU driver compatibility with QEMU 8.0
- Build packages for RHEL 9 clones (based on AlmaLinux 9)
2023-04-28 11:22:00 +03:00
Vitaliy Filippov 2a2f4f6738 Add Almalinux 9 build 2023-04-28 00:40:50 +03:00