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Vitaliy Filippov fa90f287da Release 0.8.3
- Implement a new "vitastor-disk purge" command to remove OSDs with safety checks
- Implement a new "vitastor-cli rm-osd" command to only remove OSD metadata from etcd
- Fix a bug where the monitor could ignore OSD removal and other /osd/stats key changes
- Fix a bug where garbage could be returned when reading objects being written at the same time
- Fix a rare write stall where journal space could be not reclaimed where there
  were no new operations in the flush queue
- Fix a rare peering stall caused by a previous long listing operations queues limiting attempt
- Fix total object count statistic in OSD on object creation
- Add missing offset&len into vitastor-disk dump-journal for big_writes, fix JSON format
- Make vitastor-cli print help on missing command
- Make vitastor-cli translate all '-' to '_' in CLI options
6 months ago
.. Release 0.8.3 6 months ago
qemu-el8.Dockerfile An attempt to automatically build patched specs inside Docker is mostly broken for now 2 years ago
qemu-kvm-4.2-el7.spec.patch Release 0.8.2 6 months ago
qemu-kvm-4.2-el8.spec.patch Update CentOS 8 QEMU 4.2 spec patch 2 years ago
qemu-kvm-6.0-el8.spec.patch Add patches for QEMU 6.0 and for 6.0 RPM spec 2 years ago
vitastor-el7.Dockerfile Release 0.8.3 6 months ago
vitastor-el7.spec Release 0.8.3 6 months ago
vitastor-el8.Dockerfile Release 0.8.3 6 months ago
vitastor-el8.spec Release 0.8.3 6 months ago