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Configuration Reference

Vitastor configuration consists of:

Configuration parameters can be set in 3 places:

  • Configuration file (/etc/vitastor/vitastor.conf or other path)
  • etcd key /vitastor/config/global. Most variables can be set there, but etcd connection parameters should obviously be set in the configuration file.
  • Command line of Vitastor components: OSD (when you run it without vitastor-disk), mon, fio and QEMU options, OpenStack/Proxmox/etc configuration. The latter doesn't allow to set all variables directly, but it allows to override the configuration file and set everything you need inside it.
  • OSD superblocks created by vitastor-disk contain primarily disk layout parameters of specific OSDs. In fact, these parameters are automatically passed into the command line of vitastor-osd process, so they have the same "status" as command-line parameters.

In the future, additional configuration methods may be added:

  • OSD-specific keys in etcd like /vitastor/config/osd/<number>.

Parameter Reference