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Vitaliy Filippov 3b4cf29e65 Release 0.9.0
New features:
- Scrubbing! Check documentation: [auto_scrub](src/branch/master/docs/config/
- Document online-updatable configuration parameters

Bug fixes:
- Fix NaN during PG optimisation if there are nonexisting OSDs in node_placement
- Fix monitor crash on pool deletion
- Clear journal_device and meta_device before initialising the next OSD in automatic mode
- Sync unsynced deletes before overwriting them with a lower version
  (reproducted mostly/only after scrubbing)
3 weeks ago
.. Release 0.9.0 3 weeks ago
qemu-el8.Dockerfile An attempt to automatically build patched specs inside Docker is mostly broken for now 2 years ago
qemu-kvm-4.2-el7.spec.patch Release 0.8.2 6 months ago
qemu-kvm-4.2-el8.spec.patch Update CentOS 8 QEMU 4.2 spec patch 2 years ago
qemu-kvm-6.0-el8.spec.patch Add patches for QEMU 6.0 and for 6.0 RPM spec 2 years ago
qemu-kvm-7.0-el9.spec.patch Add QEMU spec patch for Alma/Rocky/RH 9 1 month ago
vitastor-el7.Dockerfile Release 0.9.0 3 weeks ago
vitastor-el7.spec Release 0.9.0 3 weeks ago
vitastor-el8.Dockerfile Release 0.9.0 3 weeks ago
vitastor-el8.spec Release 0.9.0 3 weeks ago
vitastor-el9.Dockerfile Release 0.9.0 3 weeks ago
vitastor-el9.spec Release 0.9.0 3 weeks ago