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// Copyright (c) Vitaliy Filippov, 2019+
// License: VNPL-1.0 or GNU GPL-2.0+ (see for details)
#pragma once
#include "messenger.h"
#include "etcd_state_client.h"
#define MIN_BLOCK_SIZE 4*1024
#define MAX_BLOCK_SIZE 128*1024*1024
#define DEFAULT_CLIENT_DIRTY_LIMIT 32*1024*1024
struct cluster_op_t;
struct cluster_op_part_t
cluster_op_t *parent;
uint64_t offset;
uint32_t len;
pg_num_t pg_num;
osd_num_t osd_num;
osd_op_buf_list_t iov;
bool sent;
bool done;
osd_op_t op;
struct cluster_op_t
uint64_t opcode; // OSD_OP_READ, OSD_OP_WRITE, OSD_OP_SYNC
uint64_t inode;
uint64_t offset;
uint64_t len;
int retval;
osd_op_buf_list_t iov;
std::function<void(cluster_op_t*)> callback;
void *buf = NULL;
cluster_op_t *orig_op = NULL;
bool is_internal = false;
bool needs_reslice = false;
bool up_wait = false;
int sent_count = 0, done_count = 0;
std::vector<cluster_op_part_t> parts;
friend class cluster_client_t;
class cluster_client_t
timerfd_manager_t *tfd;
ring_loop_t *ringloop;
uint64_t bs_block_size = 0;
uint64_t bs_disk_alignment = 0;
uint64_t bs_bitmap_granularity = 0;
std::map<pool_id_t, uint64_t> pg_counts;
bool immediate_commit = false;
// FIXME: Implement inmemory_commit mode. Note that it requires to return overlapping reads from memory.
uint64_t client_dirty_limit = 0;
int log_level;
int up_wait_retry_interval = 500; // ms
uint64_t op_id = 1;
ring_consumer_t consumer;
// operations currently in progress
std::set<cluster_op_t*> cur_ops;
int retry_timeout_id = 0;
// unsynced operations are copied in memory to allow replay when cluster isn't in the immediate_commit mode
// unsynced_writes are replayed in any order (because only the SYNC operation guarantees ordering)
std::vector<cluster_op_t*> unsynced_writes;
std::vector<cluster_op_t*> syncing_writes;
cluster_op_t* cur_sync = NULL;
std::vector<cluster_op_t*> next_writes;
std::vector<cluster_op_t*> offline_ops;
uint64_t queued_bytes = 0;
bool pgs_loaded = false;
std::vector<std::function<void(void)>> on_ready_hooks;
etcd_state_client_t st_cli;
osd_messenger_t msgr;
cluster_client_t(ring_loop_t *ringloop, timerfd_manager_t *tfd, json11::Json & config);
void execute(cluster_op_t *op);
void on_ready(std::function<void(void)> fn);
void stop();
void continue_ops(bool up_retry = false);
void on_load_config_hook(json11::Json::object & config);
void on_load_pgs_hook(bool success);
void on_change_hook(json11::Json::object & changes);
void on_change_osd_state_hook(uint64_t peer_osd);
void continue_rw(cluster_op_t *op);
void slice_rw(cluster_op_t *op);
bool try_send(cluster_op_t *op, cluster_op_part_t *part);
void execute_sync(cluster_op_t *op);
void continue_sync();
void finish_sync();
void send_sync(cluster_op_t *op, cluster_op_part_t *part);
void handle_op_part(cluster_op_part_t *part);