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Upstream-Name: vitastor
Upstream-Contact: Vitaliy Filippov <>
Files: *
Copyright: 2019+ Vitaliy Filippov <>
License: Multiple licenses VNPL-1.0 and/or GPL-2.0+
All server-side code (OSD, Monitor and so on) is licensed under the terms of
Vitastor Network Public License 1.0 (VNPL 1.0), a copyleft license based on
GNU GPLv3.0 with the additional "Network Interaction" clause which requires
opensourcing all programs directly or indirectly interacting with Vitastor
through a computer network ("Proxy Programs"). Proxy Programs may be made public
not only under the terms of the same license, but also under the terms of any
GPL-Compatible Free Software License, as listed by the Free Software Foundation.
This is a stricter copyleft license than the Affero GPL.
Client libraries (cluster_client and so on) are dual-licensed under the same
VNPL 1.0 and also GNU GPL 2.0 or later to allow for compatibility with GPLed
software like QEMU and fio.