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// Copyright (c) Vitaliy Filippov, 2019+
// License: VNPL-1.1 (see for details)
#pragma once
#include <stdint.h>
#include "object_id.h"
#include "osd_id.h"
#define MEM_ALIGNMENT 512
struct buf_len_t
void *buf;
uint64_t len;
struct osd_rmw_stripe_t
void *read_buf, *write_buf;
void *bmp_buf;
uint32_t req_start, req_end;
uint32_t read_start, read_end;
uint32_t write_start, write_end;
bool missing;
// Here pg_minsize is the number of data chunks, not the minimum number of alive OSDs for the PG to operate
void split_stripes(uint64_t pg_minsize, uint32_t bs_block_size, uint32_t start, uint32_t len, osd_rmw_stripe_t *stripes);
void reconstruct_stripes_xor(osd_rmw_stripe_t *stripes, int pg_size, uint32_t bitmap_size);
int extend_missing_stripes(osd_rmw_stripe_t *stripes, osd_num_t *osd_set, int pg_minsize, int pg_size);
void* alloc_read_buffer(osd_rmw_stripe_t *stripes, int read_pg_size, uint64_t add_size);
void* calc_rmw(void *request_buf, osd_rmw_stripe_t *stripes, uint64_t *read_osd_set,
uint64_t pg_size, uint64_t pg_minsize, uint64_t pg_cursize, uint64_t *write_osd_set,
uint64_t chunk_size, uint32_t bitmap_size);
void calc_rmw_parity_xor(osd_rmw_stripe_t *stripes, int pg_size, uint64_t *read_osd_set, uint64_t *write_osd_set,
uint32_t chunk_size, uint32_t bitmap_size);
void use_jerasure(int pg_size, int pg_minsize, bool use);
void reconstruct_stripes_jerasure(osd_rmw_stripe_t *stripes, int pg_size, int pg_minsize, uint32_t bitmap_size);
void calc_rmw_parity_jerasure(osd_rmw_stripe_t *stripes, int pg_size, int pg_minsize,
uint64_t *read_osd_set, uint64_t *write_osd_set, uint32_t chunk_size, uint32_t bitmap_size);