Vitaliy Filippov 7e958afeda Release 0.8.7
This release includes a bunch of important bugfixes for erasure-coded setups
with disabled immediate_commit. After these fixes, "test_heal" OSD killing test
now passes fine with EC:

- Fix cluster write stalls with "Error while doing flush on OSD xx: -16 (Device or resource busy)"
  in OSD logs possible in EC setups with disabled immediate_commit by selectively
  syncing nonsynced objects on STABILIZE/ROLLBACK (
- Fix other EC + disabled immediate_commit problems:
  - Fix "opcode=5 retval=-2" errors happening on SYNC retries
  - Fix non-working "pagination" during PG dirty object flushing
  - Fix write operations not continued correctly after dirty object flushing
- Fix incorrect parity read-modify-write calculation when writing into a lost chunk
- Fix OSDs losing left_on_dead PG state of non-clean PGs and thus not removing junk data in the cluster
- Fix a small memory leak caused by bad indexing of EC recovery matrices
- Fix a rare use-after-free in cluster_client caused by a reenterability issue
- Fix vitastor-cli create command syntax in the CSI driver
- Allow to start OSDs without local store for tests
- Fix memory allocation error in disk_tool_meta for non-standard metadata block sizes
- Fix delete operations received before loading pool metadata crashing OSDs with "null pointer exception"
- Improve "theoretical performance" Russian documentation

New features:

- Implement online configuration update for some parameters. Documentation is coming soon :)
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