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C++ version of the "Mark's bench" for Ceph

This tool issues random writes to each OSD separately to determine random write performance of each specific OSD.


# Create a non-replicated pool named bench
# PG number (16) should be sufficient for each OSD to get at least 1 PG
ceph osd pool create bench 16 16 replicated
ceph osd pool set bench size 1

# Benchmark all OSDs which have at least 1 PG in that pool
./ceph-bench bench osd

# Benchmark hosts (print average result per host)
./ceph-bench bench host

# Benchmark a specific OSD
./ceph-bench bench osd 1


git clone https://github.com/vitalif/ceph-bench

cd ceph-bench

apt-get install build-essential libradospp-dev libjsoncpp-dev libtcmalloc-minimal4


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Authors and License


  • Mark Korenberg (mark [at] ideco.ru)
  • Vitaliy Filippov (vitalif [at] yourcmc.ru)


  • GNU GPL 3.0 or later (see LICENSE)