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shaba added 117 commits 2021-07-11 21:04:02 +03:00
979cb4ca76 Add LICENSE.txt; some minor cleanups
- Add LICENSE.txt
- Add a comment about how we handle numbers
- Add more test code
- Fix a narrowing-conversion issue
- Fix a comment typo
e31ac4ebb4 Merge pull request #23 from masamitsu-murase/use_static_cast_for_hierarchy_navigation
Use static_cast instead of reinterpret_cast for hierarchy navigation.
be631169db Merge pull request #24 from masamitsu-murase/use_compare
Use string::compare to improve performance.
51166ddca6 Merge pull request #27 from k0zmo/const-pair
iterate over pair of const string and Json
ae9542cc35 in encode_utf8, there is an implicit truncating cast that VS2015CTP6 is
warning about.  I've added static_cast<char> to silence the warning and
express the intent.
0193642bf8 Merge pull request #35 from akrieger/working
For extra safety, add an explicit bounds check in utf8 parsing.
0e8c5ba68f When dumping non-finite floating point values, output 'null'.
In JSON the float point special values NaN and Infinity should serialised to 'null'.
Previously, 'snprintf' in 'dump' was giving a string that isn't compliant to the JSON standard.
2aa22aab4b Merge pull request #36 from jcmonnin/master
When dumping non-finite floating point values, output 'null'.
61ba0a1dd2 Make test.cpp compilable with GCC.
Add clean rule to Makefile.
0c6e9d77a4 Add cmake support
This uses cmake to allow building as a static library and to build the tests

To use `cmake`

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
-- Build files have been written to: ~/json11/build
$ make
Scanning dependencies of target json11
[ 20%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/json11.dir/json11.cpp.o
[ 40%] Linking CXX static library libjson11.a
[ 40%] Built target json11
Scanning dependencies of target json11_test
[ 60%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/json11_test.dir/json11.cpp.o
[ 80%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/json11_test.dir/test.cpp.o
[100%] Linking CXX executable json11_test
[100%] Built target json11_test
$ make test
running tests...
Test project /Users/paul/dev/json11/build
    Start 1: json11_test
    1/1 Test #1: json11_test ......................   Passed    0.00 sec

    100% tests passed, 0 tests failed out of 1

    Total Test time (real) =   0.01 sec
a021c3fbe2 Fixes bug in parse_from_stdin
Handles end of file correctly
08c391f89a introduce consume_garbage()
new routine that consumes whitespaces and comments.
activated by JSON11_COMMENTS pre-processor flag.
d292fce9f2 improve comment test.
test also for nested and mixed comments.
whitespaces/newlines are already intermixed between comments.
f21b8c360e add malformed comment tests.
add 3 testes for:
- unended multi-line comment,
- malformed single-line comment,
- trailing slash
afcc8d0d82 Merge pull request #47 from PSPDFKit-labs/fix-warnings
This fixes a “No previous prototype for function” warning.
8076ba74e0 Generate pkg-config File & Add Install the CMake build script. The pkg-config file needs a version number (which
it takes from the CMakeLists.txt variable), which I've set to 1.0.0. The cmake
project declaration needs to be after the minimum-requirement declaration to
avoid errors from the cmake's change in VERSION semantics.
eefbd630ec Merge pull request #53 from njwhite/master
Generate pkg-config File & Add Install Target
33bca8e178 implement parsing of chunked json
Update: add more tests + use parser.failed
df1fdbfd79 Merge pull request #57 from ChrisKitching/fixpkgconfigInstall
Don't assume in-tree builds when installing json11.pc
d9867d8ab3 Merge pull request #66 from 4brunu/master
Add option to disable unit tests
78e43a9ea7 Merge pull request #68 from AustinBrunkhorst/master
[MSVC 14] int to bool conversion performance warning
fb6cc808e0 Merge pull request #69 from dropbox/atwyman/pre-processor-customization
Allow json11 tests to be customized with pre-processor defines
787809178d Merge pull request #71 from admsyn/fix-cmake-c++11-flag
Use CXX_STANDARD to specify c++11 compile flags
247597e927 0.5.10-alt1
- Initial build.
5edb0b8607 Merge tag 'v0.6.3'
# Conflicts:
#	src/CMakeLists.txt
d541387172 0.6.4-alt2
- build master snapshot 30bb602681
- package client header to devel package
- merge blk and client devel packages
shaba closed this pull request 2021-07-11 21:05:26 +03:00

Please ignore this PR.

Please ignore this PR.

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