• v0.5.7 88a03f4e98

    Release 0.5.7 Stable

    vitalif released this 2 years ago | 738 commits to master since this release

    • Fix multiple bugs leading to OSDs sometimes being unable to correctly activate PGs
      when a lot of PG peering events occurred in a small amount of time
    • Fix a bug where OSDs could list incomplete object versions during peering. The bug
      manifested with "local rollback operation failed" messages in OSD logs
    • Fix a bug where misplaced chunks for degraded and incomplete objects were not removed
      from extra OSDs during recovery
    • Fix incorrect PG history configuration resulting in OSDs being unable to find some
      of the objects after a PG count change
    • Simplify block layer write ordering logic
    • Avoid extra data move when a lot of OSDs are first stopped for long time and then restarted
    • Fix incorrect degraded & misplaced object statistics after a completed rebalance
    • Fix incorrect usage of pg_minsize instead of the minimal possible object chunk count in EC pools