• v0.9.4 1c10430ae1

    Release 0.9.4 Stable

    vitalif released this 2023-07-19 02:50:30 +03:00 | 247 commits to master since this release

    • Improve QEMU driver performance by integrating io_uring in it (up to 1.5x total iops improvement)
    • Fix QEMU driver deadlocks which started to reproduce in qemu-img after iothread fixes
    • Fix vitastor-cli status reporting more etcds than actually exists (fix etcd address duplication in config on reload)
    • Fix vitastor-cli ls crashing on inodes in non-existing pools
    • Delete old garbage /pool/stats/ keys for non-existing (deleted) pools
    • Reduce memory usage of etcds initialized by make-etcd script
    • Fix OSDs almost always crashing on etcd restart due to "revisions were compacted" (support reloading state from etcd)
    • Fix a crash and a stall possible mostly in HDD setups with small journal and big (512k, 900k) random writes
    • Add notes about HDDs to documentation. You are officially allowed to use HDD-only Vitastor with HGST/Toshiba/EXOS :)