• v1.3.0 7972502eaf

    Release 1.3.0 Stable

    vitalif released this 2023-12-04 02:36:43 +03:00 | 110 commits to master since this release

    New features:

    • RDMA without ODP - much faster and all cards are now supported, not just Mellanox
    • VDUSE in CSI - faster, more stable and can even recover after CSI pod restart!
    • Reserve journal space for stabilize requests dynamically to prevent stalls under load with EC
    • Raise default NBD timeout from 30 to 300 seconds and allow to take it from /etc/vitastor/vitastor.conf
    • Remove explicit etcdUrl/etcdPrefix K8S storage class parameter support to prevent
      etcd migration issues for volumes created with these parameters
    • Support QEMU 8.1 and pve-qemu 8.1

    Bug fixes:

    • Fix RDMA connection (and thus memory) leak
    • Fix rare crashes under load due to incorrect io_uring queue size tracking
    • Fix monitor statistics aggregation in case of empty /osd/stats keys
    • Fix crash on unknown long argument to vitastor-disk
    • Allow trailing comma in JSONs again
    • Fix crash on attempts to dump a long listing of objects "to stabilize" or "to rollback" in a slow op