• v1.4.0 5280d1d561

    Release 1.4.0 Stable

    vitalif released this 2024-01-12 01:28:33 +03:00 | 64 commits to master since this release

    New features:

    • Intelligent recovery/rebalance speed auto-tuning to reduce its impact on clients (see README -> Features)
    • Auto-restoration of dead VDUSE daemons in CSI plugin
    • Add vitastor-disk update-sb command
    • Update QEMU for Debian Bookworm to 8.1 and use it for CSI plugin

    Bug fixes:

    • Fix pools SOMETIMES staying inactive after stopping a node due to OSDs not reacting
      to PG state changes caused by incorrect full reload of state from etcd on reconnection
    • Make monitors retry pool configuration changes quickier which fixes them being unable
      to apply changes when an ongoing rebalance is quickly making a lot of PGs clean
    • Fix CSI plugin not accepting array of strings as etcd address in /etc/vitastor/vitastor.conf
    • Allow multiple interfaces with the same IP address, for "simple routed" full mesh network
    • Do not ignore loopback addresses for OSD network (to make ECMP setups with frr possible)
    • Fix a rare client crash during OSD reconnections
    • Only treat data partitions as existing OSDs in vitastor-disk prepare
    • Remove etcd parameter from default command examples
    • Fix reported free space sometimes changing non-immediately after deletion of data from OSDs
    • Fix a possible OSD crash on print_slow when bs_op is NULL
    • Use the same etcd_ws_keepalive_interval in mon as in OSD
    • Fix mon not using values from config when /config/global is not present
    • Remove pve-storage-portal-dns-list format for vitastor_etcd_address
    • Parse log_level in cluster_client
    • Fix vitastor-nbd image existence check not working because of non-zeroed inode_watch fields
    • Do not warn on EPIPE in client unless log_level is raised explicitly
    • Fix incorrect error in CSI when searching for the device in /sys
    • Remove 2 last prints to stdout in etcd_state_client
    • Fix a possible OSD crash when checking corrupted journal entries