• v1.4.4 c777a0041a

    Release 1.4.4 Stable

    vitalif released this 2024-02-11 16:23:08 +03:00 | 31 commits to master since this release

    A couple of fixes for EC pools

    • Fix a segfault possible on partial EC overwrite in 1234 -> 5030 rebalance scenario
    • Fix two problems leading to EC pools stalling on rebalance & parallel sudden stops
      of OSDs, for example during a sudden poweroff of a host:
      • Recovery auto-tuning (1.4.0 feature) could apply too large delays and stall
        the EC journal - fixed by limiting delays with a new recovery_tune_sleep_cutoff_us
        parameter (10 seconds by default) and applying recovery pauses before write
        operations, not after them, to not occupy space in the journal for long time
      • Dynamic journal space reservation (1.3.0 feature) wasn't accounting new writes
        when checking the limit so OSDs could still fill the journal fully and stall -
        fixed by including new writes into the limit
    • Print etcd dbSize instead of dbSizeInUse in status