• v0.6.10 2020608a39

    vitalif released this 2021-12-10 21:40:12 +03:00 | 750 commits to master since this release

    • Implement a storage plugin for Proxmox. Now you can use Vitastor with Proxmox!
    • Implement vitastor-cli df (pool space usage statistics) command
    • Add glob pattern support for vitastor-cli ls
    • Fix several bugs in other CLI commands (resize, create --parent, modify --readonly)
    • Use 512 byte logical block size in QEMU driver by default (and thus don't require to set it in QEMU options)
  • v0.6.9 aa1e21dd99

    Release 0.6.9 Stable

    vitalif released this 2021-12-03 10:58:54 +03:00 | 770 commits to master since this release

    New features:

    • Build Vitastor driver as part of QEMU
    • Implement renaming images in CLI (vitastor-cli modify --rename)
    • Add vitastor-cli alloc-osd and simple-offsets commands and use them in make-osd,
      thus removing the dependency on etcdctl
    • Make monitor remove stale deleted inode statistics from etcd automatically
    • Implement OSD address selection from a subnet, thus removing the need to specify
      OSD addresses in startup scripts explicitly

    Bug fixes:

    • Fix client failover in case of etcd shutdown or crash (make client survive etcd failures)
    • Stick to the last live etcd in OSD and mon to prevent random failures when one of etcds is down
    • Fix incorrect copying of data from journal to the data device which could lead to data corruption
    • Prefer local etcd IPs in OSD
    • Remove the total PG count restriction in optimize_change which was sometimes leading
      to inability to redistribute PGs over OSDs
    • Fix error response parsing on a failed pg state report
    • Fix slow linear writes with RDMA by changing default buffer settings
    • Fix possible 'TypeError' in openstack nova when using Vitastor cinder driver
    • Fix bugs in vitastor-cli create, ls, rm, modify commands

    Patch changes:

    • Add a patch for libvirt 7.6
    • Add patches for QEMU 6.0 and 6.1
    • Fix config file path XML location parsing in libvirt patches
    • Replace _ with - in QEMU options
    • Fix possible 'TypeError' in openstack nova when using Vitastor cinder driver
    • Fix possible crashes of QEMU block driver in case of incorrect options
  • v0.6.8 920345f7b6

    Release 0.6.8 Stable

    vitalif released this 2021-11-15 00:49:21 +03:00 | 824 commits to master since this release

    • Build separate packages for OSD, monitor, client, C header, fio and QEMU drivers
      instead of one package which included everything
  • v0.6.7 7eabc364bf

    Release 0.6.7 Stable

    vitalif released this 2021-11-13 23:23:55 +03:00 | 829 commits to master since this release

    • Implement CLI commands for listing, viewing I/O statistics, creating,
      snapshotting, cloning, resizing and modifying images. All these operations
      are covered by 3 commands: ls, create, modify
    • Implement an important fix to prior OSD set tracking for PGs. The previous
      version had an issue which could lead to data loss due to an OSD with older
      copy of the data thinking it has the newest copy
    • Fix I/O statistics aggregation in the monitor
    • Several minor fixes for Cinder driver
    • Fix QEMU driver to be compatible with QEMU 2.x > 2.0
    • Fix stalls sometimes possible in configurations without immediate_commit due
      to insufficient amount of automatic internal fsync operations
    • Add vita alias for vitastor-cli
  • v0.6.6 fb2f7a0d3c

    Release 0.6.6 Stable

    vitalif released this 2021-10-19 02:26:37 +03:00 | 864 commits to master since this release

    • New command-line tool: vitastor-cli
    • Implement layer (snapshot/clone) merge and delete
    • Remove 'bool' from the C header
    • Fix a very rare flusher stall
    • More diagnostics now printed for slow ops in the log
  • v0.6.5 cb282d25e0

    Release 0.6.5 Stable

    vitalif released this 2021-07-10 11:01:21 +03:00 | 889 commits to master since this release

    • Basic support for OpenStack: Cinder driver, patches for Nova and libvirt
    • Add missing "image" and "config_path" QEMU options
    • Calculate aggregate per-pool statistics in monitor
    • Implement writes with Check-And-Set semantics
    • Add a C wrapper library with public header
  • v0.6.4 f9fe72d40a

    Release 0.6.4 Stable

    vitalif released this 2021-05-16 01:38:01 +03:00 | 911 commits to master since this release

    • Implement a basic Kubernetes CSI driver
    • Minor fixes for vitastor-nbd
    • Fix build without RDMA broken in 0.6.3
  • v0.6.3 caf2f3c56f

    Release 0.6.3 Stable

    vitalif released this 2021-05-02 17:47:43 +03:00 | 920 commits to master since this release

    • RDMA support
    • Client performance optimisations (4k randread ~120k -> ~180k on 1 core)
    • JSON configuration file (/etc/vitastor/vitastor.conf) support
    • Bug fixes
  • v0.6.2 715bc8d53d

    Release 0.6.2 Stable

    vitalif released this 2021-04-15 23:40:06 +03:00 | 943 commits to master since this release

    • Fix a possible crash during SYNC when journal fsyncs are enabled
    • Fix a memory leak in the chained read implementation
  • v0.6.1 ede1c1d667

    Release 0.6.1 Stable

    vitalif released this 2021-04-14 22:32:23 +03:00 | 947 commits to master since this release

    A bugfix for the new "chained read from snapshot" feature