• v0.5.13 ec90fe6ec1

    vitalif released this 2021-04-09 12:10:16 +03:00 | 984 commits to master since this release

    Another followup to 0.5.11

  • v0.5.12 59fbcef734

    vitalif released this 2021-04-08 15:47:18 +03:00 | 986 commits to master since this release

    Fix qemu driver broken in 0.5.11 :)

  • v0.5.11 462650134e

    vitalif released this 2021-04-08 01:18:46 +03:00 | 989 commits to master since this release

    Another bunch of fixes, including important ones. Now OSDs are stable in SSD+HDD
    configurations and everything is mostly ready for the merge of master branch.


    • Add min_flusher_count configuration (good for HDDs)
    • Shuffle PGs for better data device utilisation
    • Make OSDs benefit from the immediate_commit=small setting if it's applicable

    Bug fixes:

    • Rework client code to fix write ordering during operation replay
    • Rework error handling code so OSDs don't crash in reaction to a crash of their peer OSDs
    • Fix several block layer problems related to the journal, some of which
      were leading to double allocations of the same block during journal replay
    • Fix monitors crashing during the removal of OSD keys from etcd
    • Fix data fsyncs being incorrectly disabled when only disable_journal_fsync was set
    • Always zero out unused part of request/reply headers
    • Fix some theoretically possible read/write ordering issues
    • Don't try to "recover" misplaced objects if it would make them degraded
    • Fix heartbeats sometimes preventing OSD to establish connections
  • v0.5.10 7e6e1a5a82

    vitalif released this 2021-03-16 12:48:26 +03:00 | 1026 commits to master since this release

    The version seems to be stable after this bunch of fixes :)

    • Fix delete & write operation ordering during rebalance to not lose objects in the immediate_commit=off mode
    • Fix a possible crash caused by very high iodepths
    • Re-distribute PG primaries over OSDs that come up after a short downtime
    • Allow to specify etcd URLs for OSDs with http://, do not die with a strange error if -etcd option is missing for fio
    • Fix a journal flushing deadlock which sometimes occurred in the immediate_commit=off mode
    • Fix a bug where OSDs could hang if the data device filled up
    • Fix an allocator bug where it was unable to allocate up to last (n%64) data device blocks
    • Fix monitor crash that occurred on removal of some etcd keys
    • Fix a bug where PGs could remain incomplete due to incorrect PG history with just zeroes in osd_sets
  • v0.5.9 036555638e

    Release 0.5.9 Stable

    vitalif released this 2021-03-11 00:39:10 +03:00 | 1040 commits to master since this release

    • Fix two monitor bugs which led to objects being "logically lost" (physically
      present on some secondary OSDs while primary doesn't know about it) after multiple
      interrupted rebalancings
    • Implement "no_recovery" and "no_rebalance" flags
  • v0.5.7 88a03f4e98

    Release 0.5.7 Stable

    vitalif released this 2021-03-08 23:37:02 +03:00 | 1050 commits to master since this release

    • Fix multiple bugs leading to OSDs sometimes being unable to correctly activate PGs
      when a lot of PG peering events occurred in a small amount of time
    • Fix a bug where OSDs could list incomplete object versions during peering. The bug
      manifested with "local rollback operation failed" messages in OSD logs
    • Fix a bug where misplaced chunks for degraded and incomplete objects were not removed
      from extra OSDs during recovery
    • Fix incorrect PG history configuration resulting in OSDs being unable to find some
      of the objects after a PG count change
    • Simplify block layer write ordering logic
    • Avoid extra data move when a lot of OSDs are first stopped for long time and then restarted
    • Fix incorrect degraded & misplaced object statistics after a completed rebalance
    • Fix incorrect usage of pg_minsize instead of the minimal possible object chunk count in EC pools
  • v0.5.6 ab90ed747f

    Release 0.5.6 Stable

    vitalif released this 2021-03-01 16:26:04 +03:00 | 1071 commits to master since this release

    • Fix operation statistics
    • Fix a rebalance hang introduced in 0.5.5
    • Test PG count changes with actual data moving
    • Fix a possible 'unexpected pg state: 0' error during PG count change
  • v0.5.5 bb2d9a3afe

    Release 0.5.5 Stable

    vitalif released this 2021-02-26 01:59:18 +03:00 | 1079 commits to master since this release

    • Transition to CMake build system
    • Fix Monitor being unable to change PG sizes
    • Fix PG optimizer not using some OSDs in some cases
    • Fix inability to change PG count online
    • Improve journal flusher performance
    • Add a little better systemd unit generator
    • Use w=8 with jerasure (breaking change for EC pools)
  • v0.5.4 b9e7d31aa1

    vitalif released this 2021-02-24 01:40:30 +03:00 | 1104 commits to master since this release

    • Fix a rare hang, more or less reproducible with very slow drives
    • Fix a hang with the no_same_sector_overwrites mode
  • v0.5.3 ca0a11ec85

    Release 0.5.3 Stable

    vitalif released this 2021-02-03 00:38:57 +03:00 | 1107 commits to master since this release